Project Builder Plus is a workflow enhancement software tool for projects that integrate control system and sensor data.

Features include:

  • Creating
  • Duplicating

  • Templating

  • Querying

  • Exploring

  • Importing

  • Mapping 7

Project Builder + streamlines data integration and database creation to save time andmoney during implementation of data-oriented projects (analytics, graphical dashboards).

  • Simplify Learning Haystack model visually

  • Generate haystack definitions offline on any computer (PC / Mac)

  • Export these to a zinc file format

  • Generate definitions from existing xml through web services

  • Niagara Px to Haystack hierarchy and tagging

  • Import definitions automatically from multiple NHaystack Connections

  • Mapping

  • Obix MapObix ImportFromPx

  • NHaystack NhaystackImport NHaystackMapping

  • CSV (On Roadmap)

  • Json (On Roadmap)

  • SQL Simplified (On Roadmap)

If you have any questions or want to say hi, you may contact me or 954 618-8070.

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