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EnergyDVR Installed at National Palaces in Dolmabahce Palace

Data Center at Dolmabahçe Palace with Energy DVR Dashboard

  • Simplified Energy Dashboard with EnergyDVR
    Access energy usage data with EnergyDVR in seconds
  • Overview of Power Distribution & Crac Units
    Live and historical data representation of the crac units
  • Play back historical data of temperature
    Play back of the temperatures within data center room
  • Power Distribution Unit Live Status
    Live data views on individual registers of the power distribution unit.
  • Dashboard
    Simple interface with variety of data.
  • Alarms
    Created alarms for instant notification.
  • Presets
    Templating system makes it simple to achieve visuals in no time.
  • Metrics
    Trending data saves energy and increases life-span of the equipment.

What customers say about EnergyDVR

“EnergyDVR simplified our daily operation. We can easily find the equipment reaction to building load with playback feature. We were able to fix abnormal operational issues faster.”

Dustin Gerber
Air Conditioning Solutions, Inc.

“EnergyDVR make it easy how sun is effecting the building temperatures during the daily operation with color gradient play back feature.”

Amit Patel
President at Ame-Inc

“With EnergyDVR, we are able to stream data from SkySpark. Jace data space is limited and the ability to stream historical data from SkySpark helped us tremendously.”

Adem Ertürk
CTO at Solidyne