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The Energy Data Visualization Recorder Allows Users to See How Their System was Functioning at Any Time During its Use

BAS Services & Graphics, LLC, an energy management product and services company, is proud to announce the latest addition to their suite of energy management products. Called the EnergyDVR or “Energy Data Visualization Recorder,” it is an analytical visualization utility that lets users see how their system was functioning at any point in its history.

More than just graphs and numbers, the EnergyDVR shows people graphically how all of the energy dashboard data looked at any given time period they specify. The way it works is simple: it gives people historical playback data in the format most easily understood, just like a graphics interface. In fact, it is the same graphics just not in “live mode” but in “history mode.”

The EnergyDVR is available now as an add-on package to the BASSG PX-Dashboard and can be loaded right into existing JACE and Supervisor front-ends. DVR functionality can also connect to multiple SkySpark by SkyFoundry instances. DVR feature can be switched between local Niagara station—which is offered by the Tridium company—and remote SkySpark instance. The EnergyDVR starts from $150 for Jace 3 and equivalent and can be purchased through the BASSG shopping cart system.

“Instead of sorting through mountains of data to find what you need, you can visualize all of it simultaneously with the EnergyDVR,” a company spokesperson for BASSG noted.

“Just like pause and rewind of live TV on your cable box, the Energy DVR lets you backup and look at how your system was operating moments ago or hours ago or even days ago.” As the spokesperson noted, everybody has realized at one time or another that they can’t just sit and watch their energy management system all day long, trying to catch an anomaly. This is where the EnergyDVR can help—it offers a way to record the whole day and go back over it later just like someone would record a show on TV to watch later.

“Just like your graphics respond to points coming through live from your controllers they will respond on screen with the historical data you have recorded,” the company spokesperson said. Most of the time when there is a system anomaly or alarm condition, the current process is to go back through trendlogs and try to figure out what was happening right around the time of the issue. Trendlogs are typically useful for this but the problem is that to get a complete picture of what was going on at that time, multiple trendlogs have to be viewed and all of the data on one graph can be difficult to read. Some data can be binary and other data can have large number differences causing graphs to be skewed and making other data difficult to follow.

“Why not use the graphics to tell the story? With your graphical interface to your unitary data you can quickly visualize what your system is doing at any given minute,” the spokesperson said, adding that with the EnergyDVR, the historical data populates those same unitary graphics and offers pause-rewind-fast forward controls.

There are a multitude of uses for this kind of visualization. Monitoring critical change over points or alarm conditions can be accomplished without “watching” the system for hours on end. The system records all of the data from the event so it can be viewed at a more convenient time. Verifying the operation of a sequence can be witnessed at any time by any number of

people. System operation can be played back for a mechanic or engineer to help troubleshoot situations or failures. The EnergyDVR will also help to fine tune users’ energy savings by helping them visualize tweakable values during periods of high energy usage. Visualizing their system performance by playing it back later can help them to identify overshooting and hunting problems that may not be apparent during normal operation. Simply identifying these situations and updating sequences or settings can turn into significant energy savings. About BASSG, LLC:

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