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Sparko is a CMMS Solution for SkySpark

Organizing, prioritizing and managing sparks is now easy

  • Sparko simplifies spark maintainance by organizing Sparks per equip per rule basis.
  • Sparko organizes priority on sparks per equip per rule level
  • Sparko can route sparks to departments, enabling notification of responsible parties granulary.
  • Sparko can get all parties (CEM, Controls Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Facility Manager, Owner) to collaborate mobily on the run.

Solution : Organize and solve what you found!

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Collaborate on email support without losing track.

Kayako is your collaborative inbox. No more lost emails or forgotten CCs. Receive tickets through your helpdesk, email and website.

Automatic filters

Automatic filters and email rules do the sorting for you.

Provide quicker resolutions by automatically routing and prioritizing tickets using departments, email and escalation rules.

Receive feedback

Receive feedback and ratings from your best critics.

Use customer satisfaction surveys and knowledgebase ratings to measure performance and generate reports to identify areas for improvement.

Deliver support

Delivering customer support over the web has never been this simple or organized.

Collaborate on support tickets more effectively with ticket notes, tags, owners and watchers. Your personal inbox is just a click away, along with custom ticket filters and views. Monitor support performance with SLAs and escalation rules.

Easy to use self service tools

Easy to use self service tools and as-you type suggestions.

Build a knowledgebase and Kayako will automatically suggest answers and relevant articles to your customers and agents as they type out their query or reply.

Self-service put to use

Self-service put to use. Kayako puts knowledge to work for both customers and agents.

Build a rich knowledgebase and create step-by-step troubleshooters. Relevant knowledgebase articles are automatically suggested to your customers as they type out a query and to your agents as they handle a ticket. Kayako actively encourages your agents to save ticket resolutions to the knowledgebase for use later.

Tailors to how your organization works and not the other way round.

Tailors to how your organization works and not the other way round.

Kayako has been designed to enable your business to scale gracefully, without any helpdesk growing pains. Most areas are customizable, including the look and feel, departments, ticket priorities, ticket statuses. Add custom fields to collect important information, such as order numbers to tickets, users profiles and more.

Spark resolve performance

Your customer service performance illustrated

As well as producing a table of new ticket counts in the given example, the latest update will generate a chart representing the trend over time for each department.

Native iPhone application

Kayako Mobile looking awesome on the iPhone 5

Kayako Mobile for iOS has been updated to take advantage of the iPhone 5's larger new display. Now you can see more information and more ticket replies with even less navigation.

Sparko Mobile for Android

Slide-out navigation in Kayako Mobile for Android

You now have one-tap access to various filtered views, making the most relevant information easier and quicker to access - wherever you are in the app.

Measure time to resolve sparks

If you can measure it, you can improve it with Kayako

Now that measuring and trend-spotting in your helpdesk is easier, improving your customer support is easier with Kayako.

Blackberry support

Landed on the Blackberry*

Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and now Blackberry, you can stay connected to the helpdesk wherever you are with Kayako Mobile. Kayako puts the helpdesk wherever you are. Available on the Blackberry World.

Hosted license is now available $60/user/month.

Don't leave any sparks unchecked. Increase your benefit from your SkySpark investment.

Capacity based license is also available.

Call for a demo today! (512) 540-3010