Niagara PX Graphics

Every installation is judged by how easy it is to operate and maintain by the people who use it every day. The judges? Building maintenance staff that may not have your expertise.

The best system depends on the people who run it. For a project to succeed, you need to go beyond mechanical components and controls. You need to provide a tool that is easy to understand, easy to use, and effective. BASGraphics has solved this problem over and over, providing high-end graphical user Interfaces for installations all over the World. User interfaces that work for both people and systems.

User-Centered Design

We design from the user’s viewpoint to deliver a complete, custom, user interface to make the most complex systems responsive and efficient. Our GUIs integrate all mechanical systems that make a building work:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Variable Volume Boxes
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Chiller Plants
  • Boiler Plants
  • Unitary Heater
  • Roof Top Units

Different UIs for Different Systems

Each system and needs of its users is different. BAS Graphics merges the demands of a person’s job with the system tools. We are experienced on interfaces for a wide variety of different systems:

  • Factories
  • Data Centers
  • Single Buildings, Floors, and Rooms
  • Multi-Site Complex Campuses
  • Multiple Product Lines

We specialize in these product lines, and can quickly arrange a demonstration for these systems.

  • Tridium AX and R2
  • Distech
  • Alerton
  • Andover
  • Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Reliable Controls
  • Cisco Mediator (Richard Zeta)
  • Siemens Building Technologies
  • Trane
  • Inet Server

If we don’t have an example system in our archives, tell us what your needs are! We can build a GUI that makes your project exceptional.

A Customizable Look of the History of Your Data

EnergyDVR by BASSG is the ideal way to view the history of your system’s data in a customizable, 3D graphical format.

Why do you need EnergyDVR?

No building owner or facility manager has the time to continuously monitor the performance of a BAS for anomalies or abnormalities. But catching and correcting issues is the only way to ensure systems perform at optimal levels.

EnergyDVR (or “Energy Data Visualization Recorder”) is an energy management solution that lets you rewind, pause, play and fast forward through the history of your systems to view performance, much in the same way you control playback of a movie on your home TV or DVD player. You no longer have to comb through trendlogs to find the source of an anomaly and the conditions associated with it. You can simply rewind EnergyDVR to the point in time that the issue occurred down to the second, and get a complete view of the environment and conditions at that time.

No other solution offers the convenience and depth of information of EnergyDVR.

An Easy-to-View and Customizable Interface

Going beyond simple but tedious graphs and numbers, EnergyDVR gives you a 3D-based graphical interface that provides an easily understood visualization of your entire system. You can view your Floor Plan, Plant, Air Handling Units (AHUs), Variable Air Volumes (VAVs) and more.

You can also experience trends in the performance of your facility’s functions, selecting which ones to review through a drag-and-drop tool, going back one day, one week, one month, six months or one year in the system’s history. EnergyDVR even lets you compare these trends to multiple points in time to better spot opportunities for improvement.

All of this functionality is provided in a single, simple-to-navigate dashboard that can be shared with necessary facilities personnel.

Finally, EnergyDVR is highly customizable, letting you design the solution to meet your specific needs or select from a pre-designed template. You have the ability to design EnergyDVR to your exact facility and the needs of your organization – all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Easily Integrated into Your Facility

EnergyDVR runs in the Niagara Framework PX, and is integrated with SkyFoundry’s SkySpark analytics platform. EnergyDVR is available as an add-on package to the BASSG PX-Dashboard and can be loaded into existing JACE (versions 3.4 and up) and Supervisor front-ends.

To see a demo of EnergyDVR, visit or contact BASSG for more information.

Other demo sites

Data Center Demo Open in new link
Wind Turbine Demo Open in new link

BASSG combined DGLux, opens possibilities for a higher end user experience through intuitive data visualization and customizable interactivity within your dashboards and applications. Not only do these designs look great, they enable you to update any dashboard in real-time using the “drag & drop” workflows within design mode at any time. In coordination, DGLux displays real-time data notifications and alerts allowing you to monitor, analyze and control your buildings more efficiently. With mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, all of your dashboards can instantly become mobile for on-the-go usage. Take a look though our gallery to see how BASSG can improve and simplify your buildings.



Custom Graphics

Make BAS Graphics your company’s design center. Use our industry experts to bring your ideas, sketches, photos, or existing graphics to life. Our custom design service gives your firm additional capabilities with no overhead. We work quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively to make you look good.

We are specialists in building automation systems. When you use our design services, you deliver comprehensive, detailed plans that work in the field and win contracts.

Hire us for following services:

  • Supplement your staff at crunch time
  • Meet impossible deadlines with confidence
  • Double-check and bullet-proof your plans
  • Provide a second, expert opinion

Enhance your presentation package with beautiful sketches, 3D wire frames, photo-realistic renderings, vector graphics, or animated mock-ups

Use and integrate new systems or protocols

Accurate presentations that sizzle

Our 3D team has experience bringing plans and ideas into BAS systems and on to film. We ensure that your presentation and plans are impeccable. We double-check every detail. We verify all measurements, validate surfaces, make sure the fabric is appropriate, and ensure that the lighting and shadows in the drawing are accurate.

Grab your customer’s attention with animation that shows how your system and products will function. It is an extra step that shows how thoroughly you thought the project through. It can be the extra step that wins the contract.

Get expert advice

Broaden your scope with new-to-you systems or protocols. Need a different approach or a way to reduce costs? Ask us for ideas!

We are experts with, and design and consult, on these systems:

  • Tridium (R2 and AX)
  • Alerton (BACtalk and IBEX)
  • Andover
  • Honeywell
  • Johnson