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Being able to understand and generate reports from the data your system is putting out is a big part of most of our client's everyday schedules. BASSG is here to help them and you, make that task less daunting.

BASSG is here to help you in every step of the cycle.

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SkySpark Axon

BASSG has full-time axon programmers on staff.

We offers custom axon rules for:

  • Sparks
  • HTML Spark reporting
  • Computed History
  • Importing SQL schema as records
  • Importing Access schema as records

We have completed projects for:

  • Fortune 100 company
  • Multiple commissioning companies

We completed project types:

  • Multi location facility campus
  • Individual retail store
  • Solar Panel arrays
  • Much more.

Contact us today to get a quote for Custom Axon Code for your SkySpark projects!

SkySpark Fantom

BASSG has part-time fantom programmers on staff.

We offer custom fantom applications for:

  • Custom SkySpark plugins
  • Desktop applications such as Project Builder Plus
  • Web-based applications

Projects that have been completed by us:

  • Project Builder Plus
  • Sparko - CMMS management plugin for SkySpark
  • Custom iLon driver for customer

Contact us today to get a quote for Custom fantom code for your SkySpark projects!