Sedona Controls

Open source controls engine created by the industry leader BMS framework manufacturer Tridium.

Built-in Analytics Engine

Built-in industry leader analytics engine. Ability generates run-time anomalies and reports.

Visualytik - HTML5 Visualization

Drag-and-drop HTML5 block programming. Users can create calls to the database and bind data to widgets. A framework needed by busy commissioning agents.

Use Cases

An application where Energy Analytics Controller will excel.

Rooftop Unit Controls

Control, analyze and visualize on the edge

On the edge analytics controller is the bleeding edge option for Roof Top Units.

Office Space, Retail, High-End Homes
Application areas:
HVAC, Tenant Satisfaction
Technology used:
Sedona, SkySpark, Visualytik

Solar Panel Data Aggregation and Analytics

Track and analyze solar production

On the edge Solar Analytics with Visuals, simplify data acquisition and analytics with one device

Small to Large Solar Grids
Application areas:
Invertor Runtime Analysis, Production forecasting, Baseline locations
Technology used:
SkySpark, Visualytik, Modbus, Tariff Builder

Peak Shifting Technologies

Solar battery, ice tank control strategies

There are new technologies emerging which shift the peak loads on buildings. As multiple of peak shifting technologies are implemented, analyzing, controlling and viewing will become a more difficult problem to solve. The energy analytics controller on the edge is the ultimate solution for this kind of application.

Small to Large Solar Grids
Application areas:
Ice makers, Solar - Battery integration, Metering profiling, and demand response strategies
Technology used:
SkySpark, Visualytik, Modbus, Tariff Builder, SNMP, Notes

Air Handling Units

Optimize control of Air Handling units with more data

The need for tenant comfort and energy conservation have become important to facility management companies. The convergence of both needs requires more data to be analyzed and corrective actions have to be implemented within the controls DDC. The energy Analytics controller solves this problem by bringing metering data into edge controller or any data such as zone temperature/ humidity. Historical data analysis can be used the further improve the DDC parameters. By closing the gap where the data-flows also reduces the risks of IT failures.

Small to Large Facilities
Application areas:
Optimize control of Air Handling Units with historical data from tenants occupancy information
Technology used:
Sedona, SkySpark, Visualytik, BACnet, Modbus, Spark Engine, Tariff Builder, SNMP, Notes


Our portfolio of devices.


Perfect for Rooftop Unit Control


Great for small & large RTU's


Chiller Plant & Air Handling Units


VAV Controller with Flow Sensor

Edge Analytics Controller - EAC.IO

Welcome to the future of controls with EAC devices.

Sedona Controls Engine

Control your devices with realtime control engine that is open source

Are you controlling HVAC, irrigation or lighting? Sedona Framework is built for speed and extensibility with kits and it is open source!

Superfast Historian & Analytics Engine

Trends any data for years

Industry-proven, highly optimized historian. Easy to store and retrieve data. Analytics engine will find any runtime anomalies and will report it to the end-user

Protocols & Web Services

BACnet IP, Modbus IP, SNMP, Green button data, Energy Star, SQL and custom

Built-in protocols and web services enable Energy Analytics Controller to be future-ready.

Visual Analytics HTML5

Dashboard tool with ease of use - drag and drop block programming

basMaker 3D graphics library, drag and drop block programming. Future-ready. Written with polymer and google's dart language.

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