BASSG difference is Win-Win-Win!

Win for the facility!

Win for the contractor!

Win for the environment!

At BASSG we know that you strive to minimize your project cost and shorten the timelines while delivering value to your customers

This is exactly what BASSG Difference brings to your table…

BASSG makes your job easier and reduces your overall implementation cost. BASSG simplifies the process and provides solutions that are customized to your specific needs. Especially Tridium deployments can save thousands of dollars in project costs if leverage BASSG's in-house developed module/app bundles.

BASSG Difference

Save time and cost by 90% if implementing SkySpark: Our in-house developed PB+ app generates SkySpark database in fraction of the time

Take advantage of in-house developed ,multi-component TemplateMavi module to save an other 30% in your Tridium deployments

Save money and time if implementing Tridium: No need to waste time learning new tools/apps to generate dashboard. BASSG's in-house developed tool is native to Tridium and doesn't require you to learn anything new

One-stop-shop for your jace box, controllers, analytics, ticketing, modules, and dashboard needs

Save money by getting BASSG Jace: Many analytics and dashboard modules are already included in the box for free

BASSG products & services bundles are designed to lower implementation costs and can be tailored to answer your project needs at an unbeatable value

Put us to the test!!!

Let BASSG customize a products & services bundle for your next project

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