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Customer Testimonials

David Lopez / Bay Air Systems, Inc.

Full Name : David Lopez

Title : EMS/Service Technician

Company Name: Bay Air Systems, Inc.

BASSG Products utilized: basMaker basAhuMaker V1&V2 basPlantMaker V1&V3

How did BASSG help you? :

I was having trouble viewing animated graphics on my workbench. Through a TeamViewer session, tech support was able to determine the cause of my problem( my host id had changed on my PC and the licenses would not work), and immediately remedy my issue.

basMaker Graphics:

Excellent graphics package! The best technical support I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.



wmgrace niagara central testimonial

Easiest method: get the basTemplateMavi from BAS Services & Graphics (www.basgraphics.com) which includes a component that allows you to list multiple px files and switch between them. Then you can edit your includes and relativize them while seeing live data. Plus, you can then copy the component with a mass copy feature where you select the targets with BQL using an interface like the batch editor in program services. Very slick.

Niagara Central


Richard Ink

I've been using your bas software modules for a few months and wanted to let you know I'm more than happy with the quality of the 3D graphics that really pop and awesome functionality as well. The the basTemplatemavi saves loads of time and I love the in context editing. Also the 'mass copy' tool is a huge time saver when it comes to copying a master graphic to multiple components.  I watched the tutorials on your website and to get started and now have most of the steps memorized. Thanks for putting together a great and impressive set of modules.

Richard Ink
A.M.E. Inc
Automated temperature controls
Fairfield, NJ


Project Builder Plus Testimonial

The Brewer-Garrett Company has been a Design/Build and Service mechanical contractor for commercial and industrial customers for over 50 years.  We have been installing Direct Digital Controls since the mid-80’s, starting with Novar and Trane, and now migrating to Tridium. 


We recognize that the power of a Building Automation Systems lies not just in the points of control, but in the data it generates.  Case and point is our Assured Service Program we have with Cuyahoga Community College.  We are responsible for mechanical system maintenance across over 3,000 pieces of HVAC equipment spanning 5 million square feet of conditioned space.


One of the College’s more recent projects was to install occupancy sensors for VAV box control on a room-by-room basis in an effort to reduce their energy costs.  With over 700 spaces to control, the physical labor to annually verify the operation of the occupancy sensors was a substantial cost.  In lieu of charging our customer for this service year after year, we made a one-time investment in SkySpark.


Buying a box of software was only the beginning.  We are very good at controls and mechanical systems, but not so on programming languages and database management.  Therefore, we went to BAS Services & Graphics for support.  Alper Üzmezler was a huge part of making this project successful for both us and our client.


Alper and his team had developed a product for simplifying the data entry and programming of Sky Spark called Project Builder Plus.  Using PB+, we were able to setup a template that would add all 5 points of control for a VAV box by simply entering the room number.  Each of these points were then mapped to the Niagara histories through a simple point and click mapping function in the program.  A college intern, studying special education with no IT training or programming knowledge, entered all of our data quickly and easily. 


With the click of a button in PB+, the database was uploaded to SkySpark and all of our efforts were graphically available for us instantly.  I have no idea how to enter information directly into SkySpark, but using the menu driven utilities in PB+, I don’t have to know. 


Bringing over 700 rooms into SkySpark was a large job and we had our share of glitches along the way.  One of the Sparks we had asked Alper to write wasn’t working quite right, but he was quick to fix it.  Whenever we had questions about how to work PB+ or SkySpark, he was very quick to accommodate.  Since my daytime job is to run the business of Brewer-Garrett, this became an evening and weekend project.  Regardless of the day of week or time of day, Alper was always there via email, telephone, or remote terminal emulation to help us complete the project.


We are excited about the power of SkySpark and look forward to implementing it with other customers and applications.  Alper has become a part of our team and we look forward to continuing our work together.


Greg McDonald | Service General Manager 


The quality of their product has always been top notch

I've worked with Alper of BASSG on more than a dozen projects over the past couple of years to produce HTML and system graphics. The quality of their product has always been top notch. The speed and professionalism in which they do their work is excellent. I highly recommend their services.

Roger Gowder


RVG & Associates, Inc.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

We value his industry knowledge, quick turnaround, and attention to detail

BASSG has provided high-quality graphics for many of our customer projects.  We value his industry knowledge, quick turnaround, and attention to detail.  We will definitely be coming back for more!

Francis Chapman,

Marketing Director, ASI Controls



Great turn around time with high quality graphics

I'm very pleased with the service received from BASSG. Great turn around time with high quality graphics for professional front ends.  Keep up the good work! 

Chris W.

J&H Heating Inc.   (Port Washington, WI)


Very committed to providing high end graphics

I have worked with BASSG on 3 recent jobs; Alper is very committed to providing high end graphics while also keeping the project on schedule and paying great attention to detail. We would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them on our next project.

Paul Kennedy Jr

Patrick J Kennedy & Sons, Inc.

Boston, MA



Extremely satisfied


I am extremely satisfied with the graphical services we have received from BASSG. They allow us to focus on what we do best in controls, we in turn provide our customers what they do best and this provides a very satisfying experience to our end users.  Reasonable pricing, excellent persistence and workmanship.

Eric S.

Siemens Building Technologies

This is taking our end product to a whole other level!

This is taking our end product to a whole other level

S. Hilaire

Control Technologies, Inc.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing an easy to use graphics library

The module looks great. I have been looking for a graphics library that is Widget based and this is it. Very easy to use and everything lines up easily. I especially like the damper module since it can be reversed and re-scaled to fit different manufacturers signal limitations without having to do additional work. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing an easy to use graphics library.

A. Willis

Performance Services

The template design has gone above and beyond our expectations which are superior to anything on the market today!

The modules are wonderfully balanced and are almost too easy to use. The template design has gone above and beyond our expectations which are superior to anything on the market today. These are the reasons we will stay a step ahead of our competition and allows us to provide quality of graphics that match our service. Everything above is great, but without the service it means nothing and when a company can match quality of product with the same quality of service, that is a company we will continue to do business with. Not a single issue has gone uncheck or unfixed, and with the timely response that most company’s only wish they could provide. They even help with the “operator error” issues we all come across with the same quick response. I would recommend BAS for anyone that needs great GUI design with the most exceptional service that you would ever want. Well expect my competition of course!

Clifford Milligan
VP of Controls
Callender Inc.