IBCON 2015

From 09 June 2015 00:00 until 10 June 2015 00:00
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June 9 - 10 | Marriott Rivercenter - San Antonio, TX
Pre-Con Events: June 8

About the Event

REal Change. Right Now. Welcome to the Future

Anticipating and understanding the effects of developing trends is crucial in today’s fast-changing business climate. Prescient planning means keeping one step ahead of that process. As we contemplate this year’s theme for Realcomm and IBcon, that theme must reflect the atmosphere, attitude, trajectory, mood and direction of commercial and corporate real estate and facilities as it relates to technology, automation and innovation.

The variable global economy means there are years where the markets are interested in reducing costs; others where there is a willingness to accept more risk; still others where we are recovering from financial setbacks. Has there been an economic slowdown, or are we in a phase where we are moving faster? Is the current trend to embrace innovation more quickly or take stock of progress made?

These challenges affect where the industry is headed, and how real estate information management solutions, smart buildings and technology will impact the way we use space in the next 12 months. The most apparent trends are currently:

  1. Technology and innovation are not slowing down
  2. Consumer technology is driving the pace of change
  3. Almost every real estate process has been hyper-automated
  4. Early adopter case studies are complete and have realized objectives
  5. Technology is not the inhibitor, but rather a firm’s ability to adopt
  6. The differences between fast moving firms and slow ones is growing

In consideration of these observations, our 2015 theme, “REal Change. Right Now. Welcome to the Future” reflects the fact that every real estate process has been re-engineered, at least one firm (but in most cases many firms) have proven the idea; now it’s just a function of getting that information out to the marketplace. And perhaps most importantly, for a firm to decide it is no longer an option to consider change, but rather time to aggressively move forward.

What people describe as the future is really here. Real-time information management, automated leasing, outsourced e-mail (and accounting, property management and HR), electronic payments, totally smart buildings, connected meters, zero energy projects, nextgen office space, new retailing concepts, integrated digital signage, immersion walls, Uber for leased space, drones to inspect roofs, robots to measure space, 3D printing for spare parts, Google glasses for equipment inspection and much more. These are no longer just ideas…they are real…they are now!

With that in mind, we hope you join us in June to experience the future now, to see the most innovative case studies, to network with the commercial and corporate real estate industry’s brightest and most innovative contributors, and to be a part of the future - to experience “REal Change. Right Now!”