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Visualytik version .3 is being released in a week

Visualytik version .3 is being released in a week
What is Visualytik?Visualytik stands for visual + analytics.  Analytics visual generation enhanced with visualytik Raynor Controls, 2016 ​There are 3 parts of visualytik.​Drag and drop GUI itemsBlock programming Page managerIt is built-on SkySpark framework and utilizes haystack in its core. Live view of the dash...
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Edge Analytics Controllers

Edge Analytics Controllers
Edge devices now have the intelligence and data storage they need for local analytics and machine decision-making. They'll soon be the thing that the rest of the BAS universe revolves around. When people say that we are living in the post-PC era they mean that the personal computer is being eclipsed as the center of the IT universe by the smar...
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Project Builder Plus meets Project Haystack

Project Builder Plus is a workflow enhancement software tool for projects that integrate control system and sensor data. Features include:

Project Builder + streamlines data integration and database creation to save time andmoney during implementation of data-oriented projects (analytics, graphical dashboards).

  • Simplify Learning Haystack model visually - Video
  • Generate haystack definitions offline on any computer (PC / Mac)
  • Export these to a zinc file format - Video
  • Generate definitions from existing xml through web services
    • Niagara Px to Haystack hierarchy and tagging - Video
    • Import definitions automatically from multiple NHaystack Connections -Video
  • Mapping

Feel free to watch the videos, they are marked with number with its respective subject.

If you have any questions or want to say hi, you may contact me alper@bassg.com or 954 618-8070.

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