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Milestone from BASSG with Edge Analytics Controllers by Anka labs and Ontrol R-ION & P-ION

Milestone from BASSG with Edge Analytics Controllers by Anka labs and Ontrol R-ION & P-ION
BASSG has just completed another controls engineering project that deploys edge analytics controllers (EACs) from Anka Labs ( www.eac.io) and the open-source Sedona Framework for Building Management System (BMS) programming. This project pairs Anka EACs with Sedona room and field controllers from Ontrol. R-ION devices interface with P-ION universal...
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BASSG has just open sourced one of its most popular software tools - Project Builder Plus (PB+)

BASSG has just open sourced one of its most popular software tools - Project Builder Plus (PB+)
BASSG has just open sourced one of its most popular software tools - Project Builder Plus (PB+) , for free use and development by the community. The PB+ editor makes it easy to work on large trend data files from your desktop, adding Project-Haystack tagging and custom extensions in preparation for importing data into analytics and visualization ap...
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Join BASSG at the Leading Edge

Join BASSG at the Leading Edge
Alper Uzmezler is the CEO and creative mind of BAS Services and Graphics, LLC (BASSG). This year BASSG introduced the Edge Analytics Controller, a hybrid fog-computing device that can serve as gateway and field DDC. It is known for developing groundbreaking applications for managing building data and creating custom UIs. BASSG's goal is to keep ide...
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When Will Machine Learning Reach Smart Buildings?

There is a Mount Olympus-like battle over Machine Learning dominance happening among Tech Titans. Smart Buildings and the IoT exist in the weather created by that battle. Google, Amazon and Facebook are in the midst of reinventing themselves as Machine Learning (ML) companies. In fact, they are in heated battle to be ML's #1 contender. ...
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Visualytik version .3 is being released in a week

Visualytik version .3 is being released in a week
What is Visualytik? Visualytik stands for visual + analytics.  Analytics visual generation enhanced with visualytik Raynor Controls, 2016 ​There are 3 parts of visualytik. ​Drag and drop GUI items Block programming  Page manager It is built-on SkySpark framework and utilizes haystack in its core. Live view of the dashboard ​Drag and Drop ...
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Edge Analytics Controllers

Edge devices now have the intelligence and data storage they need for local analytics and machine decision-making. They'll soon be the thing that the rest of the BAS universe revolves around.When people say that we are living in the post-PC era they mean that the personal computer is being eclipsed as the center of the IT universe by the smartphone...
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Edge Analytics Controllers

Edge Analytics Controllers
Edge devices now have the intelligence and data storage they need for local analytics and machine decision-making. They'll soon be the thing that the rest of the BAS universe revolves around. When people say that we are living in the post-PC era they mean that the personal computer is being eclipsed as the center of the IT universe by the smartphon...
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EnergyDVR Dashboard @ Turkish Airlines

EnergyDVR Dashboard @ Turkish Airlines

Successful completion of Turkish Airlines Dashboard

EnergyDVR Dashboard has been successfully setup by our dealer En-Ko in Turkey

Simulation building personel will save hours from daily work

  • Power distribution status
  • Power generator status
  • Power and energy charts
  • Battery bank statuses
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Sustainability efforts of a leader

Sustainability efforts of a leader


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Today is his 76th year of his passing, commemorate him with respect.

Sustainability in the year of 30’s was unheard of within the leaders of the Free World.

We were thought about the sustainability with exemplary projects during those years.

  1. Moved a home on skids, just to save a single tree.
  2. Created “Ideal Republic Village” for sustainability
  3. Created Ataturk Forest Farm on a dry land

Walking Mansion

There are only a few major attractions in Yalova that are a must see for tourists and the Yuruyen Kosk is definitely one. This Ottoman-Turkish style mansion was said to have been used by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, during his visits to the city. There is a legend connected to this mansion and it is often referred to as the “walking house.” The mansion has earned the name because as legend goes Ataturk thought that the mansion was too near to a spectacular tree, and as he did not want to obscure or cut down the tree he ordered the mansion to walk.
Yuruyen Kosk

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk first visited Yalova in 1927. He had specifically chosen this as his destination as he wanted to make use of the local thermal facilities. Whilst he was staying in this area he stayed in Baltaci Farm which was a wooden pavilion next to the thermal bath.

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Discounts, Celebrating SkySpark EU meeting, Greenbuild and Verge

# SkyFoundry EU meeting #We are announcing discounts on all of our products related to SkySpark %40 off until 11/15/2014.- Sparko Standalone %40 off- Project Builder Plus %40 off- Air Hippo %40 off- basDashboard %40 off> Contact us 1-512-540-3010 to receive your discount## We will be attending :- GreenBuild next week stop by our booth.- Following week, we will be at Verge conference.Hope to see you there.
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Energy Dashboard Information is Key Feature of New EnergyDVR Product from BASSG

The Energy Data Visualization Recorder Allows Users to See How Their System was Functioning at Any Time During its Use


BAS Services & Graphics, LLC, an energy management product and services company, is proud to announce the latest addition to their suite of energy management products. Called the EnergyDVR or “Energy Data Visualization Recorder,” it is an analytical visualization utility that lets users see how their system was functioning at any point in its history.

More than just graphs and numbers, the EnergyDVR shows people graphically how all of the energy dashboard data looked at any given time period they specify. The way it works is simple: it gives people historical playback data in the format most easily understood, just like a graphics interface. In fact, it is the same graphics just not in “live mode” but in “history mode.”

The EnergyDVR is available now as an add-on package to the BASSG PX-Dashboard and can be loaded right into existing JACE and Supervisor front-ends. DVR functionality can also connect to multiple SkySpark by SkyFoundry instances. DVR feature can be switched between local Niagara station—which is offered by the Tridium company—and remote SkySpark instance. The EnergyDVR starts from $150 for Jace 3 and equivalent and can be purchased through the BASSG shopping cart system.

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bas.co is offical site for shortlinks of BAS Services & Graphics, LLC.

If you visit bas.co site, It will bring up a table of links of BASSG.

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Thank you for being a valued customer of BAS Services & Graphics, LLC.

Don’t forget to bookmark the link. bas.co

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Project Builder Plus meets Project Haystack

Project Builder Plus is a workflow enhancement software tool for projects that integrate control system and sensor data. Features include:

Project Builder + streamlines data integration and database creation to save time andmoney during implementation of data-oriented projects (analytics, graphical dashboards).

  • Simplify Learning Haystack model visually - Video
  • Generate haystack definitions offline on any computer (PC / Mac)
  • Export these to a zinc file format - Video
  • Generate definitions from existing xml through web services
    • Niagara Px to Haystack hierarchy and tagging - Video
    • Import definitions automatically from multiple NHaystack Connections -Video
  • Mapping

Feel free to watch the videos, they are marked with number with its respective subject.

If you have any questions or want to say hi, you may contact me alper@bassg.com or 954 618-8070.

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BASSG's take on Project Haystack

Advancements in building automation software (BAS) have made it easy to control lighting, regulate HVAC systems, and operate equipment via computers or mobile devices.  Modern BAS collects massive amounts of data that is greatly underutilized because it is rarely analyzed to its full potential.  The main hindrance to more effective analysis centers on the need for a standardized language to make this valuable data easily shared and accessible between different applications.  To address this concern, Project Haystack was formulated to create a forum where leaders in the industry could assimilate ideas for a common language to describe the data produced by today’s equipment systems.

BAS Services & Graphics, LLC (BASSG) is a staunch supporter of Project Haystack.  As an avid participator in the initiative, BASSG is helping to contrive a new language for the benefit of the industry.  BASSG also understands that a standardized language is the next step in frontier of building automation and will improve building operations in a number of ways.

Smart BAS Technologies

As companies, communities, and cities embrace energy conservation through advanced technologies like smart grids, the massive volumes of data collected will require rapid analyzations to optimize energy usage.  In theory, an advanced smart grid could analyze data from thousands of BAS systems and optimize energy usages on a city scale.   A system capable of doing so could save millions while significantly decreasing energy waste.  BASSG is assisting the pioneering effort to create a language that will make it possible to develop these types of truly intelligent systems.

Reduction in BAS Labor Costs

The conceptual models built within BAS systems are often the effort of vigorous manual labor.  A standardized language for describing our systems and equipment will make it possible for standard automated processes to replace labor-intensive manual approaches.  Such automation is useful in two significant ways.  First, different applications can analyze equipment system models and present them to users accurately.  Second, this enables the creation of advanced intelligent automation systems that can recognize equipment systems and their data, assess external and internal conditions, and improve building operations on a continuous basis.  Automated models would greatly reduce labor costs, which will make building automation more cost effective for building owners of all types.

By actively engaging in Project Haystack BASSG is helping to shape the future of building automation.

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Energy Analytics Company BASSG Collaborates with Leafclick to Release New Product Called Sparko

Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- BASSG, a company that specializes in energy analytics and management products, recently worked together with leafclick to launch a product called Sparko, which fits into the family of applications that make the system SkySpark more comfortable than ever before. The Sparko application is a plug-in for SkySpark - which was created by theSkyFoundry company - that takes sparks that are generated by a company’s control system and communicates them directly to a Kayako Resolve ticket management database using the REST API for integration. 

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