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Software Solutions for Energy Efficient, Intelligent Buildings
EnerCase Integration With Niagara Framework
Sparko - SkySpark CMMS Integration Driver with Kayako
Energy DVR-Energy Dashboard with playback integrated with SkySpark
Project Builder Plus-Project Haystack Integrated Desktop Enviroment (IDE)
Sedona Framework-Ontrol & Solidyne Devices
SkySpark Energy Analytics Framework
Air Hippo Energy Data Push Framework by BASSG
basMaker BMS Visualization Platform
Niagara PX Generation
Made Easy
Watch the video to see the benefits of basTemplateMavi
EnergyDVR with basMaker
Great for:
Playback your graphics in Niagara built with Px.
Educational Dashboard Playback of any graphic.LEED dashboards Integrates with SkySpark leading Energy Analytics Software
find what matters
Collect, Organize, Analyze, Visualize, Report
Niagara Framework with basmaker bundle
Niagara 4
Future of building IOT
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Join into the intelligent build revolution

Start the process for smart, efficient and interconnected buildings.

Intelligent Buildings

From hardware to software, we control every part of the project.

Work-flow software with sound technology

We have more than 10 years of in software development in workflow enhancement software.

Visualization & Dashboards

12 years of experience in 3D visualization & UX design.

Data Analytics

4 years experience in Big data solutions including custom programming.

BASSG difference

Win for the facility! Win for the contractor! & Win for the environment!


SkySpark analytics can find tremendous amounts of operational issues just looking at systems data. Once found those issues need to be resolved. Sparko lets you easily manage the workflow of resolving your Sparks.


SkyFoundry’s SkySpark analytics software automatically analyzes building, energy and equipment data to identify issues, faults and opportunities for energy and operational savings. SkySpark helps building owners “find what matters” in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems and is an ideal fit for operators of large portfolios.

Air Hippo

Data push framework with Alerton Access, SQL, BACnet/IP, Haystack pipelines

Project Builder Plus

Streamline the engineering effort of setting up SkySpark projects with Project Builder Plus, a fantom based desktop application with templates, syncronization, haystack library, time-series data push & so much more.

Intelligent Buildings

Edge Analytics Controller

Real-time Controls + Analytics Engine + Visualization HYBRID CONTROLLER


Visualytik stands for visual + analytics. ​Drag and drop GUI items Block programming Page manager It is built-on SkySpark framework and utilizes project haystack in its core.


basMaker is Niagara Framework work-flow enhancement tools. AHU, Plant, Unitary, Aron, Data Center, Temp Specs, RTU makers are in the library.


EnergyDVR dashboard renders px pages in Flash which plays back runtime of equipment from a selected date. All within Niagara Framework.


Based on Niagara Framework head-end controls and supervisor. EnerCase devices are bundled with basMaker products.

Company Accomplishments

In 12 years, BASSG has saved a tremendous amount of hours to contractors and successfully completed projects.

Hours Saved

Happy Clients

Awards Nominated

Completed Projects


I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing an easy to use graphics library. The module looks great. I have been looking for a graphics library that is Widget based and this is it. Very easy to use and everything lines up easily. I especially like the damper module since it can be reversed and re-scaled to fit different manufacturers signal limitations without having to do additional work. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing an easy to use graphics library.
Allen Willis
Controls Department - Performance Services
BASSG has provided high-quality graphics for many of our customer projects. We value his industry knowledge, quick turnaround, and attention to detail. We will definitely be coming back for more!
Francis Chapman
Marketing Director, ASI Controls - ASI Controls
The template design has gone above and beyond our expectations which are superior to anything on the market today! The modules are wonderfully balanced and are almost too easy to use. The template design has gone above and beyond our expectations which are superior to anything on the market today. These are the reasons we will stay a step ahead of our competition and allows us to provide quality of graphics that match our service.
Clifford Millian
Systems Integrator - Controlco
I have worked with BASSG on 3 recent jobs; BASSG is very committed to providing high end graphics while also keeping the project on schedule and paying great attention to detail. We would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them on our next project.
Paul Kennedy Jr
I am extremely satisfied with the graphical services we have received from BASSG. They allow us to focus on what we do best in controls, we in turn provide our customers what they do best and this provides a very satisfying experience to our end users. Reasonable pricing, excellent persistence and workmanship.
Eric S.
Systems Integrator - Siemens
I'm very pleased with the service received from BASSG. Great turn around time with high quality graphics for professional front ends. Keep up the good work!
Chris W.
J&H Heating Inc.
This is taking our end product to a whole other level!
S. Hilaire
Control Technologies, Inc.

Latest from our Blog

Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- BASSG, a company that specializes in energy analytics and management products, recently worked together with leafclick to launch a product called Sparko, which fits into the family of applications that make the system SkySpark more comfortable than ever before. The Sparko application is a plug-in for SkySpark - which was created by theSkyFoundry company - that takes sparks that are generated by a company’s control system and communicates them directly to a Kayako Resolve ticket management database using the REST API for integration. 

For people who manage a control system, becoming familiar with SkySpark is crucial. It has the remarkable ability to turn control system data into money saving opportunities. SkySpark is an analytical engine that uses information from a control system database to identify deficiencies in operation and anomalies that potentially waste energy and resources. These opportunities are otherwise known as sparks. Identifying and resolving sparks can also reduce maintenance costs and prolong equipment life cycles.

Traditionally, the problem with having any type of system that helps identify opportunities is that people have had to create an action to do something about it, or the opportunity is wasted. Sparko gets a company’s team into the action by generating an automated work ticket and distributing it to all of the pertinent parties instantaneously. It gets the group on task to take advantage of savings opportunities.

The Sparko application integrates into Kayako Resolve and creates a point of collaboration for everyone who is involved to gather around and attack an issue from all sides. The control tech, the facility manager, the energy manager, the design engineer and others can all be notified immediately and begin working to remedy the situation. 

The Kayako Resolve database keeps track of progress on all sparks organized by equipment or subject matter as they are brought in by Sparko. Opportunities can be split or merged as needed based on commonality or resources. Kayako Resolve has on optional asset management plug-in solution that can be added to give users a complete work order system for all of their monitored equipment. There are also mobile and iPad applications that allow communication and collaboration from just about anywhere. Workers can identify and respond to sparks from a mobile phone with just a simple swipe and click.

The combination of SkySpark, Sparko and Kayako gives users the capabilities of similar facility management and ticket management systems that can cost thousands more and offer less integration capability. 

Sparko is the bridge that brings sparks from opportunity to resolution, identifying sparks and porting them over to work tickets for all to evaluate and proactively resolve. Sparko reduces the need to constantly monitor a system and brings anomalies to the forefront faster and completely automated, based on the rules that are created in SkySpark. With Sparko creating tickets for opportunities before they become a problem, the work team becomes proactive instead of reactive and increases their efficiency.

System requirements – Same as SkySpark
SkySpark versions supported - 1.0.39 , 2.0.2 

About leafclick s. r. o.
Leafclick s. r. o. is a technological company that develops wide range of software solutions including ones built upon SkySpark platform. Since its foundation leafclick has worked closely with BASSG in the field of optimization and energy savings. Quick orientation in its segment, operational problem solving, the desire to continuously learn - these skills are the driving force of leafclick. The company head office is located in Prague, Czech Republic. For more information, contact Jiri Niznansky at jiri.niznansky@leafclick.com 

BASSG, LLC is an energy management product and services company that provides innovative products to support integrators and end-users of energy management products. The company creates highly intuitive interface products and provides state of the art components for implementing a complete and highly evolved energy management solution. The company headquarters are in Austin, Texas; with an additional office in Istanbul, Turkey they serve customers all around the world. For more information, please visithttp://bassg.com